Monday, May 13, 2013

First Half Marathon

I guess I am officially one of those people who has run a half marathon. I didn’t die, no projectile vomit, and no severe injuries. I would say it was a big win all the way around!

With some hip pain through the race and trying to figure out why my feet go numb at about mile 5ish I finished in a little over 2 hours and 40 minutes. Not too shabby for somebody who is trying to figure out what this running this is all about. I ran the first almost 6 miles by myself and felt really good until the hill of death (Whisky Hill). My feet always do numb with hills and I cannot figure out why…I am missing something. My friends found me at a water stop while I was trying to adjust my socks and shoes and I finished the second half of the race with them which was AWESOME. I underestimated the mental battle you face with your cramping muscles and the “are we there yet feeling”.

I must do this race again next year! The shirt, hat, swiftwick socks, and great time at the Jack Daniels Distillery is a must do.
(Can you tell it is early in the morning?)
Happy Running :)
Hope everybody has a good Monday and is able to stay positive this week. Live this week on the up and up with a healthy and happy heart. Life is short and the people around us are more important that we really understand. Live, Laugh, and Love all you can.