Sunday, July 7, 2013

Peachtreee Road Race 2013

The world’s largest 10k with registered participants at 60,000! Living in Atlanta it was overwhelming to see some of the busiest streets shut down and to have so many runners in one place. Needless to say it was a horrible week for the weather. Rain Rain and more rain. This is what my weather app said the night before.


After spending some time on Google on what to wear for a race I decided on the classic trash bag look. With the humidity and possible rain I knew my rain jacket would just leave me hot and mad at my decision. (Been there done that)


This lovely addition to my favorite outfit was tossed as soon as I lined up in my start wave. Perfect timing the rain stopped just as I started to feel really judged in my crazy trash bag. I tossed it in the trash put my phone in my zip lock bag…RACE TIME!
My favorite part of the start line was the American Flag yes this was what I was excited about celebrating the 4th with fellow runners. I even got a little emotional when they asked people who have severed our country to raise their hands. A man standing in my wave was patted on the black and applauded for his tour overseas. Call me a softy but truly awesome and a wonderful way to start the race.
The race was surprising REALLY smooth with the water stops, getting each start wave out on the course, and the finish. The rain even held off until I was able to finish! I would say it was a successful race I earned a new PR at 1:02:27 who would have tough with THIS COURSE that I could beat my last time! Finishing 16,558th what an odd feeling to race with almost 60,000 people.

The biggest trick on the course is once you take a left on 10th street heading towards the finish there is a big photo bridge with photographers that LOOKS just like the finish. Jokes on everybody else there is still like .3miles to go before the end. I hate it for the people that start to walk when they thought they finished.   

Race Shirt

Post race with rain coming I grabbed some food, a water, and saw some friends. I was in such a rush to get back on Marta (public transportation in Atlanta) and back to house to shower and dry off ASAP!
Why was this the best thing I had? (I may of had 2)

My favorite shirt post race...
The boyfriend and I were off to Marta and to make it home before LOTS of people started to finish. I was very thankful to be in one of the beginning start waves to avoid the mass amounts of people afterwards. Needless to say the police presence was there and strong! The security was tight getting in afterwards following everything in Boston. Still don’t know if I felt safer with all the security or if I was just focused on getting a rainbow Popsicle but it was a successful event.  
Lots of Mud and wet clothes!

I do not know if I would add this event to the list next year it’s a lot of work to wake up at 5am get to your start wave before they leave 7:30-9:00 depending on what you qualify for. If I have some friends that do the race again next year and have some new runners want to do the race for the first time I would be inclined to participate again. I am excited for a faster start wave next year. Something to be said about your peers that are around your same pace pushing you!
Excellent race and lots of fun with friends! Congrats to all that finished for 2013. First Peachtree Road Race is in the books.