Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First 15k Race Recap

Two weeks on vacation and coming back to a race first thing I was a little worried not going to lie.(vacation update and photos coming soon) First 15k was part of the Locomotive Race Series and this was part three. I set my goal this time to run the entire race and keep things conservative at the beginning. How in the world will I ever learn to pace myself? I think I surprised myself by finishing at 1:41. It was a beautiful day with temps that never got warmer than 65ish you know what that means...

Saw this photo and laughed out loud hard. Anyways back to the race! Was very excited for lots of water stops, great weather, and I actually felt the best I had for a race all year. No hip pain no aches no bathroom problems no dehydration no issues. The recent purchase of the foam roller and working out those hips is the BIG reason for little pain. WOOT! 

My friend Amber who ran the race with me sported this sweet tee as well... 
If you do not know the back story on this I would say you should check out The Oatmeal Running

I always enjoy a race tech tee and a sweet medal!

I did enjoy this race and looking forward to the last race of the series /(half marathon in Feb.) Hope everybody has a wonderful week training for those big races coming up.

Happy Running