Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What To Wear Running?

Something as a new runner I have found very difficult is what to wear! How do I make sure I am warm not cold but can still run comfortably? The long distances are the hardest.

First struggle I came across was running socks I found my feet to blister, hurt, and thought there was no real answer. Lets just say there was countless hours on Google trying to find an answer. I played soccer for many years and still play in an armature adult league sometimes. I never had an issue with soccer socks or my shoes. So why was it in my new running shoes and old shoes could I not run longer than 30min. without getting a painful blister on my tootsies?

This amount of socks is crazy right?
Trust me I have tried many MANY socks and most of them get demoted to light workout at the gym socks. I found a pair that I finally like call Wright Socks . Now like most people everybody has their favorites but I am so happy I found these. I have been to the local REI several times to find them and they are always out of my size. (too lazy to order online). I wish I could count how many times I have been into a running store, sports store, or online shopping and somebody always says these are the best socks ever! I always get so excited to get home and go for a run just to be let down. Sure some pairs have the comfy fluffy soft cushion and cute colors but they end up being disappointing.
The latest adventure as the weather has gotten hotter here in Atlanta is finding shorts that you can run in for a long time without feeling miserable!
I had a practice Peachtree Run on Saturday morning with Big Peach Running and tested out my new running skirt I bought at Under Armour but still was not ideal. Guess I will always have to run with capris and be hot.... :(
UA Girls Run Faster
What is the best thing to run in the heat with? Favorite workout outfit? 


  1. I'm anxious to hear what you think about your new UA running skirt!

    Glad you love your WrightSocks as much as I love mine!

    1. The skirt is awesome however I think I am in a weird middle size...still was not perfect after I sweat for about 30min.